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Welcome to Kubanek's country Farm in Bohemian Paradise


Kubanek's farmhouse is one of the few nineteenth century farms to survive intact, complete with original timbering. The farm stopped working, there are no animals, nor any agricultural aktivity. It was declared a cultural monument. There is a camp operated.

You can find us in the village Kněžnice, which lies in the protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise. This important tourist area is one of the most attractive in the Czech Republic. It has a unique blend of peaceful towns, medieval castle ruins on rocky hilltops, chateaus with impressive art collections and a labyrinth of towering sandstone pillars.

Kubanek's country farm you can find on the main road l/35, between Jičín and Liberec, 7 km from Jičín in the direction of Liberec or 18 km from Turnov in the direction of Hradec Králové and only 90 km from Prague.