Prachovské skály - The most visited sandstone rock city in the Bohemian Paradise. Nature reserve. The world outlook and the bizarrely shaped rock towers, pillars, corridors. Over 200 rock towers, which reach up to 40 feet and they frequently between them the narrow , cold and dark alleys and gorges.


Hruboskalsko - Rock city involving hundreds of rock massifs and rock towers - national natural heritage. Many scenic spots, chateau Hrubá Skála, castle Valdštějn, rocks for climbing, biking opportunities.


Maloskalsko - Vranov sandstone ridge above the river Jizera  castle ruins Vranov. Ruins of the castle Frydstejn. Natural national monument Dry Rocks (Suché Skály).


Zebín - Neovolcanic hill - a natural monument. On top baroque chapel of St . Mary Magdalene. Access from Valdice, where you will find Wallenstein loggia (Valdštějnská lodžie) or carthusian monastery (now one of the most heavily guarded prisons in the Czech Republic).


Kozákov - The highest point ( 744 m) of the Bohemian Paradise, a national natural monument . At the top of the tower (rozhledna). Known deposits of agates, jasper, amethyst, and other.


Drábské světničky - Remains of a guard castle from the 13th century built on the tops of seven sandstone rocks. Room in the rock, accessible by small bridges.


Bozkov dolomite caves - Cave system consisting of calcareous dolomite. National natural monument. Unique cave decorations, the largest underground lake in Bohemia (320 square meters).