Trosky - a national cultural monument, the symbol of the Bohemian Paradise. The ruins of a medieval castle on the basalt rock - the castle was never charged. Guard towers Panna and Baba - unique view into the landscape.


Kost - ne of the best preserved and the most important castles in the Czech Republic. Four tours (4 prohlídkové okruhy, numerous cultural events - knights, swordsmen, witches and more. A walk through the nature reserve Plakánek.


Chateau Hrubá Skála - chateau, which was built on a sandstone massif in the second half of the 14th century. From the observation tower is a beautiful view of the rock city. Castle hotel.


Wallenstein (Valdštějn) castle - the oldest castle in the Bohemian Paradise, located in the middle of forests. Classicist palace, romantic palace, chapel St. John of Nepomuk, a medieval dungeon. Stone bridge decorated with baroque statues of Czech patrons.


Chateau Sychrov - a significant romantic 17th-century castle. Valuable interior richly carved decoration. Park, numerous cultural events.


Kuks - former hospital with a pharmacy, a national historic landmark. Czech baroque pearl with rich sculptural decoration. Pharmaceutical Museum, 7 km long nature trail Bethlehem - Kuks.